Why is the dry battery dead when I buy a watch that is not long?

The watch ran out of power only a short time after you bought it. Generally speaking, it is because the dry battery has been put in the eye when it leaves the factory and has started to consume power since then. When you bought it, it happened to be the time when it left the factory. It’s been a long time. Generally, in this case, the manufacturer will replace the dry battery for free.

Why doesn’t it go away soon after changing the battery?

The quality of the dry battery generally causes this, so try to replace the original dry battery when replacing the dry battery. Suppose there is such a problem with the storm that was changed in a professional store. In that case, it proves that there is sludge on the mechanical part of the watch or the gear shaft is worn out, which shows that the starting voltage and power consumption are too large, which will shorten the battery life. Therefore, in addition to changing dry batteries, it is also necessary to maintain and repair the watch regularly.

Why does the watch stop every hour?

A problem with the core wheel or gear teeth generally causes this fault. If it is an old watch, it is mainly related to the wear of the shaft eye of the splint. The wear of the shaft eye will cause the core wheel to tilt in the sling, which will quickly cause the front end of the minute hand and the dial. The characters or the arrows indicating the seconds on the clock will rub against each other, and the two-hand and the thin watch will rub against the inside of the watch glass.

Is there dust on the dial of the newly bought watch?

This is a normal phenomenon. Watches are such sophisticated mechanical devices, and it is inevitable that they will be assembled during assembly. Moreover, some dust may also enter the inside during the wearing process, and sometimes it is hard to prevent, which is why it needs to be cleaned regularly.

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